Lipo Light? Last Lipo? LED Lipo? What?

I actually used two different deals for my laser lipo course – 3 sessions of it are under ‘i-lipo’ and 3 sessions under LED lipo (or lipo light)

I realised that there are so many different types of this and it got a bit… confusing. Was I going to have an inserted laser into me? Was I just going to have a pad on me? (I think I’d prefer the laser – feels more real..)

I then realised that all the before and after photos of laser lipo that I had been thrilled to see… were not of the same kind that I had booked… gutted.

I searched for ones for what I had got and I have to say it was pretty…shit.



Explained in video…

Laser Lipo do’s and don’ts

I read that you shouldn’t have caffiene on the day of your appointment. Further research showed me that caffiene is not good for your lymphatic system… So, as my appointment is on Friday. I’m going to stop caffiene from now.

I then came across this really great article about how to stimulate your lymph system and it gave me my rules for the next 2 days till my appointment.


pre laser lipo DO

Eat green veg

Drink LOTS of water.

Eat cranberries! (Not juice, it has too much sugar)

Practice breathing techniques

Massage (I can’t do this one!)

Exercise: (mainly cardio) I do this everyday anyway…


pre laser lipo DONT

No alcohol

No caffeine (coffee, tea, diet coke, nothing!

Don’t eat a large meal before or after your laser lipo session.

The next 12 hours after your session you should only have low-fat or if possible no-fat food.


Excercise after Laser Lipo… why?

Right, so here are the reasons you need to do excercise after laser lipo.

  1. Your fat has NOT been zapped. It has liquified and gone into your lympathic system.
  2. To make sure it goes, and fast, you need to raise your metabolism.
  3. The quicker your metabolism the quicker the fat leaves your body.

The lymphatic System – Getting it ready for action

I did a lot of research on the lympatic system, as it seemed that it where the fat was going to go, and it was it’s job to get rid of it – not just put it somewhere else…

Cranberries, water, Citrus fruit, NO white rice, white bread, (which I didn’t eat anyway) Green veg, fruit – all the things I was doing anyway.

Good, so then, my lymphatic system should be able to take in the fat cells and take them out properlly.

What else do I need to do?


How on earth does it work?

Science makes sense.

Before and After photos

Ranging completely, got ones that were smart lipo,